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"I'll be down in a minute, Mommy.""Okay, honey," Alice said."I'll start the eggs."Patti waited until her mother's footsteps had faded, then scrambled out of bed and dressed." Tremors swept through her pussy, and her thighs ached. His thick cock peeked from the loose skin of his sheath. Patti stared through the window, hypnotized by her mother's erotic actions. Warm pussy juice flowed over his rubbery lips and into his flared nostrils. " She humped up recklessly, jammed her clit into his mouth. She leaned against the wall as the shock weakened her. "Maybe I'll strip for you and you can eat me." Her own words still sounded strange to her ears. "Oooo, Christ, I love it so much."She knew she always would. Patti gawked through the small window at her mother. "Oooo, Mommy," she whispered, wishing she was in the barn, too. Tits flopping, head jerking back and forth, soft dark hair swishing over her flushed face, Alice maintained her balance as Blazer pranced around the barn. Pulsing muscles inside Alice's cunt beat against her empty channel. Alice lost her balance and fell from the horse's back, tumbling into the pile of dry hay. "Oh, shit," she mumbled, wanting to be there and enjoy the same things. She rolled over in the hay, giggling as the hay jabbed into the flesh of her tits, soft belly, and thighs."How about my asshole?She held tight, racing toward the peak and an orgasm that would leave her as weak as a kitten. Her mouth opened wide, but only garbled sounds rushed out. His cock poked out, fully extended and throbbing for release. Her screams filled the barn, drifting out to her enthralled daughter, exciting the innocent child."More, fucker! He chomped, his tongue stirring the fiery passion in Alice's cunt.Blazer tried shaking free from her grasping thighs. He was still a prisoner of Alice's pussy and gripping thighs. She clawed the hay, twisted her hips, riding Blazer's mouth as she climbed higher and higher towards an explosive climax. Alice moaned, writhed, and grabbed her flopping tits.

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She stumbled to the bed and threw herself on it, face down."Shit, shit, shit," she moaned, writhing on the bed, her tight ass perched up in the air. Calming down, she swallowed the panic her mother's voice had produced.

She stretched, her lithe teenage body writhing erotically. Blazer took a step, snorted, then gently took the apple from her mouth. Blazer took a step forward, nudged his face between her two large tits and rumbled his lips. Blazer lowered his head, nuzzling his cold nose and big lips between her legs. His front hoofs pawed the hay-strewn floor of the barn. She turned to face the giant stallion, her face flushed with passion. She laughed, then gasped as Blazer's wet lips caressed her ass. His mane caressed Alice's thighs and ass as he nosed through her ass cheeks. "Blazer brought his head back to Alice's jerking ass.