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07-Aug-2017 22:32

Soon, the happy couple plan to move in together — so this week they finally reunite them.Ozzy and Butter were somewhat tepid around each other at first, as cats tend to be, but they've already become more tolerant of the idea of sharing a house together.

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Words were exchanged, but it ended the way her efforts to connect with Ryan usually did: Mukai Mazzei left in tears, still clutching the gifts she hoped to give her grandson.

' He just thought I was making it up or a crazy cat lady!

" But, quite incredibly, Cavin wasn't entirely wrong.

In her arms were gifts for her grandson, Ryan Morris.

He was turning 21 and Mukai Mazzei brought a new winter jacket and several slick new shirts.

It’s Morris’ home and her business, where she operates a state-licensed foster care facility for disabled children.