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19-Aug-2017 16:50

Or could it be that the girl who looks just like the blue Sailor Scout in the intro of the show might really be an ally of some sort?

That's right--this week, we get to the introduction of Sailor Mercury, and we've brought Dr. Join us, and learn the true secret of how to be good at video games! Episode 009 - This Bus Just Became an Express The episode everyone's been waiting for..introduction of a new character to the Sailor Moon universe, a character that will change the shape of the series forever. Don't worry, Betty Felon is back again to defend Rei from the savage judgments of Jordan and Chris. We're up to three Sailor Senshi on our team, so what better way to celebrate than to go to a theme park where 50 people have gone missing!

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Episode 005 - Ostensibly Cute Yet another episode not originally brought over to the United States--presumably because US kids would not be sophisticated enough to appreciate jazz music.

Episode 013 - Rubbish For Every Trash Heap Jadeite's dead--errr...eternally sleeping--but who cares? PLUS: another secret romance comes to light in the novelization!

Episode 015 - 50 Shades of Tuxedo Mask We're back after a week off for Thanksgiving..just in time for the wedding event of the year!

No guest this week, but instead, learn why two strapping young lads like our hosts became so enamored of a cartoon made for school girls! Episode 001 - Moon Podcast Escalation The second episode features fortune telling, underwear flashing, rock throwing, shoe flipping, and our very first special guest commentator, Juliet Kahn!

Plus: Chris drops his very first F-Bomb of the podcast, and Jordan struggles to contain his hatred of psychics!Thankfully, we are joined by the terrific author Karen Healey to sift through the nonsense! Episode 017 - Peak Puberty Energy Who's afraid of creepy "French" dolls?