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14-Jan-2018 12:50

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In some of the comments after the article, a few women were talking about how farmers are usually meat and potatoes guys and won't challenge them in the kitchen. (Here is another one where I literally laughed out loud. Some will view you as an equal partner in the relationship where you will be working just as hard. There IS something sexy about working the land and cultivating plants, I mean Kenny Chesney even sings about how she finds his tractor sexy... Instead he brings home "the bread" in another sense so that we can live a comfortable life. Being someone who moved because I fell in love with a farmer, it's a hard sacrifice to give up your life where you are now and move because the farmer you are dating is rooted where he is. Of course, it can end up being a blessing in disguise, but it doesn't take away the fact it is tough. Cooking for a farmer during harvest season will challenge your creativity in the kitchen.

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Honestly, all I’d like to just say is that men are weird – but that’s just puerile.

These things do happen – maybe it is a blessing in disguise, maybe not. I’m over it now (sort of) but I do wonder if I can trust the universe, my angels, ancestors and the stars with my hopes and dreams and wants and needs if they will continue to be mean to me. This is a deeply personal post and not my usual, however it felt right to just get it off my chest. And for the love of all that is good, not fall into the trap of trying to get “closure”.

I’ve chosen also to accept that I tend to attract broken little birds; a huge part of my interactions with people is that I end up being their healer in some way or another. Maybe I need to visit a medium or i Sangoma or shaman and find out what it is I am missing – not just in the area of love. Sometimes we just have to forgive without an apology.

They go from hot to cold and back again because they don’t understand being cared for like that.

Some are just assholic beings but, mostly, I think it is the fear of not feeling like they’re good enough or that it is too good to be true or making sure they protect themselves from being hurt before it happens (even if it wasn’t going to happen). (I also do single quite well, so it’s an interesting fusion of being).They are a strange bunch of hot & cold blowers and particularly those men who weren’t exposed to affection between their parents are the weirdest of them all – in my experience of course.

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