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22-Nov-2017 05:45

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I was also worried that there could be legal ramifications from my discovery.” The southern Oregon Internet security specialist first wrote on her site: If the data breach is genuine (and I am sure it is), there is a ton of personally identifiable information (PII) sitting in a forum on the Darknet that has been viewed 1,756 times.It is unknown how many times the breached data files have been downloaded.They could target users of the BDSM forum and design an entirely innocuous-looking phishing campaign replete with social engineering tactics.Masters or slaves that frequent these type of forums could become enticed to click on a provocative link and provide more personal information, providing that the email template is custom-tailored to their fetishes.Not only could it tarnish a person's reputation, career and family life, that information helps hackers tap further data.

It means we need to stop pretending this type of breach isn’t going to happen — all the time — as it’s been happening for the past several years, with increasing frequency and sophistication.“The leaked photos of Anthony Weiner show that any content you create can be redistributed,” Lorek says.