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05-Sep-2017 22:45

I\’m sending a letter to both the FBI and Virginia AG a complaint for criminal charges against ebay and others.

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This is allegedly from e Bay customer services to a member who has had their account banned, but I don’t know because there’s far too much thinking involved here and its not some crappy copy paste like you normally get.More chance of this witch getting the Lottery numbers…Continue reading » In case any was wondering e Bay fees are different depending on what country you are in, some by quite a large margin. Coutts is owned by Royal Bank of Scotland International (Holdings) Ltd. Magnus and Fidelis are both owned by Coutts and Citron (see above).

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I had someone put a case against me after buying a yummy mummy bag, It was signed for but the seller said she didnt sigh for it it was her neighbour and she was never given the bag, Ebay sided with her and I was told to give her a full refund of £65 plus £5 P&P I told them I wasnt going to pay and to stuff it!Where an offence has been committed by an employee, the owner or agent is also guilty of the offence and liable to be proceeded against unless they can show that they did not know the offence was being committed by the employee AND that they took all reasonable steps and exercised due diligence to prevent the offence being committed.