Government mandating vaccines

13-Jul-2017 16:24

Trump’s approach to ethics emphasizes personal impunity and self-promotion at the expense of democratic stability and public trust. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former FBI Director James Comey suggest that he is incapable of understanding recusal’s role in public service or respecting the independence of the Justice Department. intelligence agencies that Russia attempted to interfere in the 2016 election, the Trump administration continues to dissemble, mislead, and contradict itself on questions involving both the Russian influence effort and Trump campaign officials’ connections. On even the most basic question — did the Russians seek to intervene, and how will the White House respond to that intervention?

This sense of ethics is about personal loyalty — including loyalty oaths, which are anathema to public servants who swear to protect and defend the Constitution, not a head of state. Following is a breakdown of specific ethical failings in this administration. — President Trump switches between transparently evasive non-answers.

In the face of historic lows in public trust in government and an increasingly polarized electorate, we’ve seen a regression to secrecy in both Congress and the White House.

The change has not gone unnoticed around the globe, as our nation’s standing to defend democracy and our government’s ability to advocate for anti-corruption efforts has been precipitously eroded.

Whatever transparency the President of the United States is demonstrating by speaking directly to the public on Twitter is outweighed by his refusal to disclose and divest, undermined by the opacity of their authorship, and weighted down by false claims and misleading assertions.Chautauqua County League of Women Voters sponsored a debate on industrial wind turbines in rural Chautauqua County. Mark Twichell represented concerned citizens (Preservation of Agricultural Land Serenity/Concerned Citizens Cassadaga Wind Project) versus David Alicia of the Sierra Club.