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In other words, more important data will be encrypted with more secure encryption algorithm and larger key sizes, while less important data might even not be encrypted.

This approach is very helpful in reducing the processing cost and complexity of data storage and manipulation since we do not need to apply the same sophisticated encryption techniques to the entire users data.

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The results of applying the proposed framework show improvement and efficiency over other existing frameworks.

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It is very important that you are fully committed to a debt consolidation program.… continue reading »

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Either the “non-performing” loans (loans not being paid off) cause money to disappear, or the authorities “create” so much new money from thin air (money not associated with real things of value like land, food, manufactured goods) that the “money” loses its mojo as a medium of exchange (for real things), as a store of value (over time), and as a reliable index of pricing — which is to say the functions of money.… continue reading »

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