Married man dating a married woman

06-Nov-2017 17:25

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He is very intelligent, though he may not admit this himself, and provides well for us. I feel he is fading away faster than I can grasp at him; truly I miss who he used to be.

We do not have children, and have been married for a few years, though together for much longer.

Two things lead me to start this blog: One, it is therapeutic for me to say to strangers anonymously what I often times do not discuss in meetings, as Al Anon meetings are about ourselves.

But, though I do intend to show my experience and feelings, I do not mean to abuse this forum as a place to merely complain, be stuck in the problem or focus solely on my husband without offering any strength or hope - I have done enough of that in my early recovery and it is a struggle each day to fight that impulse.

It's not fair to me, my husband or anyone reading this looking for a glimmer of hope for their own recovery.

Two, because I could not find many resources such as this online, I wanted to have something out there that illustrates to others from a personal perspective that yes, alcoholism can be a problem in your relationship even without a financial or legal consequence. It ruins things, hurts people, and can consume you. This blog will be completely anonymous on my part, which I feel makes my story more relatable as surely it is the story of many spouses of alcoholics, but I intend to also honor and protect the anonymity of my husband.

I look forward to your comments and look forward to having comrades on this strange, weird, amazing journey.

A stalker who used a 'cougar' dating site to have affairs with five married men while she was 'on a break' from her husband was spared jail because she just 'wanted to be loved'.

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My husband is a professional; we are both college graduates.All it means, for me anyway, is that my husband can continue to keep drinking without "seeming" that he has a problem to himself or those around him, especially as he is successful for his age, pays our bills (maybe not on time, but they get paid), and we are not wanting for anything material.Here is the list of how things are a little different than what people may expect: He has not been arrested for a DUI (oh the times he's been pulled over and I hoped he would).After all, reading the literature on alcoholism did not draw a lot of similarities to my situation, and I found it difficult to relate.

If someone were to ask me "How is your husband's drinking a problem?

This blog is an online journal of sorts, cathartic in nature but also seeks to inform others by exposing my own personal daily ups and downs of living with active alcoholism. A functioning alcoholic is still an alcoholic - I know this.