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How do you just turn off all of these killer instincts that have been cultivated for such a long time.We play with that a little bit, which is interesting.In Season 2, Josh wasn’t going to kill Ray when he thought that it was just going to cure him. I think I was smiling more this season than I ever have in my life.It was when he found out that it was going to cure Nora that he decided to do it. He wanted to protect her, help her and save her from this curse. So, him curing himself really doesn’t solve anything. ” I just think it’s new, fresh, exciting and full of surprises. It’s funny, you take on the baggage of your character, especially doing it for three years.And they thought of the one thing that I didn’t think of, which I love. I feel like we were all given that freedom and we all shine. So, we’re still dealing with that and now I’m living in the house. And with Aidan back, we’ve not had him for all this time and this disease is out there, so we now need to protect him. We’re always going to have dark conflicts, but there’s so much more levity this season than there was in all of Season 2.He’s protected us for awhile, so it’s our turn to help him. We’ve gone back and found those moments that worked so well in Season 1 and brought them back, with a whole onslaught of new, wonderful stuff.But, Aidan is still definitely the most dangerous of the roommates.

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Even though she’s comfortable with herself and in her skin, he still feels like it’s a burden. During the hiatus between Season 2 and 3, I thought of about 100 things that could happen with Josh and Nora, and how that whole Ray-Nora-Josh stand-off could play out. I felt the freedom that she definitely feels, and it was really nice. HAGER: And there’s the carry-over from Season 2, where Aidan and Nora had issues with one another, after the whole werewolf-vampire hunt. Ultimately, for Josh, he just feels responsible for everyone. He feels responsible for Nora because he really is, to be honest, responsible for what she is. And then, they brought Sally back, so Josh and Nora feel responsible for her and what happens with her. The show is obviously going to have dark elements, but they’re dangerous, fun and scary, and not depressing.

It’s a really fun element because, when you put Aidan, as a character, around human beings, he’s more interesting. He’s sadder because he’s dealing with what he wants to be.