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The emergency operations center in Caguas, south of San Juan, had flooded and become unusable, Pesquera said.

He reached a cop by phone who could give him a lift to San Juan’s convention center, which instantly became the government’s command headquarters.

Rosselló’s public safety chief, Héctor Pesquera, had been unable to drive out of his house after the storm because his street was littered with trees.

Pesquera, a former head of Miami’s FBI office, said he grabbed his briefcase and set out on foot with a flashlight in his mouth, dodging hanging branches.

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Before Hurricane Maria tore through the rest of this island, it came to Mayor Jorge Márquez’s home. A month has passed since Maria ravaged Puerto Rico, and the island continues to operate in emergency mode, struggling to do even the basics: save lives, protect property, provide drinking water, turn on the lights.They proved to be woefully insufficient: The supplies ran out in two days.

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