Survey questions dating violence

22-Dec-2017 05:19

Forensic nurses are in a unique position to identify and intervene when dating violence affects the lives of their adolescent patients.This article will define teen dating violence; discuss risk factors, prevalence, consequences, prevention efforts, and implications for practice.O’Leary et al (2008) suggests that this phenomenon may be the result of a more accepting attitude by society in general regarding the use of physical aggression by females; thus making females more likely to disclose.Self-reporting of an attitude accepting of the use of physical aggression was associated with the use of physical aggression.Changing relationships are a key aspect of adolescence.

Social immaturity coupled with impulsive behavior can provide a set-up where caustic interpersonal relationships can escalate into violence.

The violence can involve physical violence, sexual violence, and/or emotional/psychological violence.

Physical violence or aggression involves hitting, kicking, pushing, scratching, biting, hair-pulling, or the use of a weapon intended to cause bodily harm to the dating partner.

Nearly 500 (N=476) adolescents in an ethnically and economically diverse urban population were surveyed.

Current or past physical dating violence was reported by 45.5% of participating girls and boys.Multiple literature searches of the Pub med database were conducted using the terms “adolescent,” “teen,” “dating,” “violence,” and “prevention” both alone and in various combinations.