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The comedy stars Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer, members of The Lonely Island comedy troupe.

Schaffer and Taccone are co-directing the film, now in production in Los Angeles.

Q: One of the funniest parts in Hot Rod was the scene where Samberg and Taccone say “Cool Beans” to each other in weird voices for about a minute, almost like a bizarre electronica song. Akiva: I basically wrote it as a scene where they say "cool beans" to each other.

And they just keep repeating the words to each other and slowly start saying it faster and in weirder and weirder ways. When it comes back from a test it’s always the most liked and the most disliked. but we wanted it to have the tonal quality, picture-wise, of E. Just to remind us of the movies from our childhood.

Basically, there were maybe eight dudes and just like we call ourselves "the dudes" now, in high school we called ourselves "the fellas."Akiva: I guess that kind of answers it. Pretty much, when you’re in high school, your dream is to figure out who’s going to pay you to continue to joke around with your friends and the three of us figured it out.

And the other five are chemists and studied American Studies at Michigan and are getting their Ph Ds.

And on a movie you’re up really, really early every f—ing day.

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Samberg was chosen to appear on the show, while Schaffer and Taccone signed on as writers, but all three gained instant notoriety with SNL Digital Shorts like Lazy Sunday and D— in a Box.As one of SNL’s most iconic digital shorts and co-directed by GOODCOMPANY co-founder Jonathan Lia, I’m On A Boat is one of the most viewed videos on You Tube to date as it’s reset the counter a few times approaching 100M views again.untitled The Lonely Island movie will hit theaters June 3, 2016.Once everything got quiet and it was time to actually shoot, there was really actually kind of no difference between doing a short and doing the thing in terms of like, you’re just trying to make the little scenes work. Akiva: Trying to be silly in front of a video camera in your apartment is very similar to doing it in front of the big cameras once you figure out what they’re all doing and they’re quiet and you’re saying action.

All of a sudden it’s just kind of what’s in the middle that matters anyways.Q: Do you think it’s fitting that you guys are probably possibly responsible for You Tube becoming as big as it is?

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